Charge Fairy charges your car so you don't need to

No driveway?

Busy public points?

No time to charge?
Charge Fairy is the subscription service for people who can't charge their electric car at home

What people are saying

Charge Fairy means I no longer need to visit shopping centre car parks just to charge my car - it's a game changer for me


Tesla owner, North London

Charging can and will happen in many forms, from ‘charging hubs’ to ‘high power on route charging’ - but City dwellers without driveways worry about lack of home charging…. Charge Fairy could be the answer.

Graeme Cooper

Director of Electric Vehicles, National Grid

A diverse charging ecosystem is needed to make electric cars a realistic option for more people. Charge Fairy is a part of that ecosystem.

Paul Gambrell

Electric Vehicle Integration Lead, Oxfordshire Country Council

Why Charge Fairy?

At Charge Fairy, we want to make it simple for everyone to own an electric car.

Just because you can't charge your car at home, shouldn't mean you have to rely on public chargers. That's why we have created the first mobile electric car charging service that monitors and charges your car.

So you can wake up every morning, knowing you always have enough charge.


Download the Charge Fairy app and securely sign in with your car's account


We access your car's odometer, remaining charge level and location


With this data we work out when we will need to charge your car based on your driving patterns


When it needs it, we visit and charge your car. So you wake up with enough charge for the day ahead

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Charge Fairy is the charging service bringing power to the people