Leading the charge

We’re on a mission to make your A to B happy and hassle-free.

Better for you

Driving shouldn’t be about worrying whether you have enough charge or stressing about finding the next charge point. It should be about enjoying the moment, making the meeting, sticking on your favourite power ballad, and cranking it up. That’s why we’ve built the simplest charging option for electric cars. So you’ve got the freedom to just get up and go.

Better for the planet

And when more people have access to easier charging it’s better for you, and it’s better for the planet. Together we can speed up the green revolution and lead the charge for electric cars.

About us car charging
Ed Lea - CEO & Founder
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Owning an EV becomes so much harder if you can't charge at home, but it doesn't need to be.

Our ambition is to make sure nobody is left behind in the move to electric vehicles.
Ed Lea
Charge Fairy Founder
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